Duerming Box


Wonderful Traveller



Creation of a global concept and brand development of sleeping capsules in airport spaces. We create the brand from the naming to each branding material and the product design concept. Graphic design materials create a narrative between the flows of the airport and the architecture of the capsules.

Sleeping Box is a product that was born with the aim of improving the passenger experience within an airport, thus contributing to an improvement in their quality of life. The logo is based on a basic shape, very directional and refers to the shape of the capsule and the movement of the traveler. The capsule layout is a two-person cubicle. It was born from the desire to offer a compact but very welcoming space. That is why the outer shape of the box is reminiscent of a house with a sloping roof. All exterior shapes have been rounded to provide comfort and safety while inspiring a futuristic yet organic image."

Project made as Up To You Studio SL

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